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Circular Letter 2023-05 | Cap on Penalty for Late Submission of Reportorial Requirements of Mutual Benefit Associations
Circular Letter 2023-04 | Repealing of Section 4 of Circular Letter No. 2015-46 on the Rules in the Application of Section 408, Paragraph 3 of the Amended Insurance Code on Free and Unassigned Surplus
Circular Letter 2023-03 | Discount Rates for Life and Non-Life Insurance Policy Reserves and Reserves for Long-Term Contracts of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) as of 31 December 2022
Circular Letter 2023-02 | Amended Guidelines on the Licensing Requirements of Brokers Engaged in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Business
Circular Letter 2023-01 | Cap on Penalty for Late Submission of Audited Annual Reports for the Compilation of the Other Financial Corporation Survey
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Circular Letter 2022-35 | Examination of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation by the Insurance Commission
Circular Letter 2022-34 | Guidelines on the Adoption of the Revised Schedule of Minimum Catastrophe Rates
Circular Letter 2022-33 | Guidelines in the Conduct of 2022 Off-Site Special Qualifying Insurance Agents' Examination
Circular Letter 2022-32 | Examination/Verification Rules and Procedures
Circular Letter 2022-31 | Guidelines on Formal Closure of Liquidation Proceedings for Insurance Companies under Liquidation and Final Disposal and Distribution of Assets Including Unclaimed Benefits
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Circular Letter 2021-54 | Guidelines on the Synchronization of the Period Coverage of Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance Policies with the Date of Motor Vehicle Registration
Circular Letter 2021-53 | Omnibus Guidelines on Foreign Currency Dominated Investments and Insurance Policies
Circular Letter 2021-52 | Omnibus Guidelines on the Consolidation and Merger Insurance Companies
Circular Letter 2021-51 | Amendments to Section 9A of CL No. 2017-34 or the Revised Guidelines on Variable Life Insurance Contracts
Circular Letter 2021-50 | Operations of Health Maintenance Organizations and Health Insurance Providers Under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)
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