Legal Opinion NumberSubjectDate Issued
LO-2021-17Group Policy Coverage for Home Credit Customers31 December 2021
LO-2021-16Query on Extended Warranty22 December 2021
LO-2021-15Request for Legal Opinion Regarding the Legality of Owning and Managing an Agency by a Member of the Board of Directors22 November 2021
LO-2021-14Query on CTPL Evaluation18 November 2021
LO-2021-13Request for Opinion (Amendment of HMO Agreement)02 November 2021
LO-2021-12Request for Clarification in Relation to IC Legal Opinion No. 2020-0702 November 2021
LO-2021-11Clarification of the Concept “Offering” Microinsurance Vs. Information Dissemination29 October 2021
LO-2021-10Query on Motor Insurance23 June 2021
LO-2021-09Request for Legal Opinion on whether an Insurance Broker may engage in non-insurance related business20 April 2021
LO-2021-07Request for Legal Opinion11 March 2021
LO-2021-06Filipinos temporarily based overseas applying for Life Insurance03 March 2021
LO-2021-05Query on the period of validity of performance securities issued pursuant to Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9184, otherwise known as the "Government Procurement Reform Act"02 March 2021
LO-2021-04Request for Legal Opinion on Geographical Limitation in Accordance with IC Circular Letter No. 2020-10914 January 2021
LO-2021-03Sale of lnsurance/HMO Products Abroad21 January 2021
LO-2021-02Request for Clarification in Relation to !C Legal Opinion No. 2020-0721 January 2021
LO-2021-01Legal Query on Extended Warranties/lndemnification19 January 2021


Legal Opinion NumberSubjectDate Issued
LO-2020-17Legal lnquiry on Whether TakeCare Asia Philippines, lnc. is Under the Jurisdiction of the lnsurance Commission29 December 2020
LO-2020-16lnquiry on the Application of the lnsurance Code11 December 2020
LO-2020-15Legal Opinion on ASA Philippines Foundation, Inc.’s Double Assistance and Maaasahan Programs16 November 2020
LO-2020-14Request for Interpretation of Provision of Typhoon Endorsement19 October 2020
LO-2020-13Request for Legal Opinion on Government Mandated Mass Repatriation01 October 2020
LO-2020-12Location of Data Servers29 September 2020
LO-2020-11Alleged Inconsistency in Deadline Dates15 September 2020
LO-2020-10Request for Clarification (Commission's Prior Approval on Indirect Change in Ownership of an Insurance and/or Reinsurance Broker)27 August 2020
LO-2020-09Validity of Deductions of MBA Member-Borrower’s Outstanding Obligation from Post-Service Benefits26 August 2020
LO-2020-08Effect of Inclusion of as Surety Company in the Negative List of the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB)19 August 2020
LO-2020-07Request for Legal Opinion on Accrual of Penalties07 August 2020
LO-2020-06Request for Legal Opinion on the Certificate of No Claim Requirement for Third-Party Property Damage Claims in Motor Insurance07 August 2020
LO-2020-05Request for Legal Opinion on Effective Date of Insurance Coverage21 July 2020
LO-2020-04(Clarification) Applicability of Extension of Non F2F Selling in Areas Under GCQ05 May 2020
LO-2020-03Request for the Formal Interpretation of Deductible Amount of Validated Claims for Damages against Contractor’s All Risk Insurance (CARI)11 March 2020
LO-2020-02Insured’s Right to Designate Beneficiary04 March 2020
LO-2020-01Request for Legal Opinion on Claim for Death Benefit Proceeds29 January 2020


Legal Opinion NumberSubjectDate Issued
LO-2019-14Legal Opinion on the Letter of Guarantee Issued by The Thomas Miller P&I Club which was Posted as Collateral Security for the Surety Bond Issued by Visayan Surety and Insurance Corporation27 December 2019
LO-2019-13Termination of Group Credit Life Insurance22 November 2019
LO-2019-12Request for Legal Opinion22 November 2019
LO-2019-11Compliance with CL No. 2018-06 in connection with AMLC Resolution No. 107-2017, AMLC Regulatory Issuance (A) No. 4-201730 October 2019
LO-2019-10Request for Legal Opinion (Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd)29 October 2019
LO-2019-09Request for Legal Opinion on the Obligation to Conduct Customer Due Diligence, Covered Transaction Report & Suspicious Transaction In Compliance with IC CL No. 2018-4818 October 2019
LO-2019-08AComprehensive Motor Insurance on Trailers19 June 2019
LO-2019-08Motor Insurance Policy Coverage for Articulated Vehicles18 June 2019
LO-2019-07BIMA's Proposed Business Model in Partnership with Globe Telecommunications, lnc.29 May 2019
LO-2019-06Assignment of a Company as the Beneficiary under CCT MBA's Basic Life Insurance Plan or BLIP02 April 2019
LO-2019-05Request for Legal Opinion on the Application/Enrollment Form of Microinsurance25 March 2019
LO-2019-04Inquiry on whether Starr International Insurance Philippines Branch is subject to strict compliance of the Insurance Commission (IC) Circular Letter (CL) No. 2018-36 dated 26 June 201819 March 2019
LO-2019-03Clarification on Compulsory OFW Insurance14 March 2019
LO-2019-02Inquiry on Firearms Bonds15 February 2019
LO-2019-01The Certificate of Authority to Issue Surety Bonds in Favor of the Government in Connection with 1CISP’s Accreditation with the Supreme Court15 February 2019


Legal Opinion NumberSubjectDate Issued
LO-2018-01Proper Interpretation of Section 39.2 (c) Rule XI of the 2016 Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184 Pertaining to Performance Bonds05 January 2018
LO-2018-02Wordings of Performance Bond “Up to Final Acceptance of the Project”25 January 2018
LO-2018-03Inquiry on the Matter of Doing Business in the Philippines30 January 2018
LO-2018-04Clarification on the Engagement of Product Specialist in Relation to Insurance Brokerage02 March 2018
LO-2018-05Shared Services Agreement between Philippine AXA Life Insurance and AXA Shared Services Centre Philippines05 March 2018
LO-2018-06Shared Services Agreement between Philippine AXA Life Insurance and Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation05 March 2018
LO-2018-07Clarification on Section 2.4 of Insurance Memorandum Circular No. 2-8507 March 2018
LO-2018-08Use of Alien Employment Permit and Special Investor’s Visa in lieu of the Alien Certificate of Registration and Immigrant Certificate of Residence in the Application for a license as Insurance Agent13 March 2018
LO-2018-09Foreign Ownership of Shares in a Domestic Insurance Company05 April 2018
LO-2018-06AClarification and Confirmation regarding One Management Arrangement between AXA Philippines and Charter Ping An16 April 2018
LO-2018-10Investment Restrictions of Directors and Officers of Pre-Need Companies16 April 2018
LO-2018-11Applicability of the Insurance Premium Cap Under IC Circular Letter (CL) No. 15-2007 dated 07 August 2007 on Insurance Products Brokered to Citibank Clients Through Telemarketing Channel30 April 2018
LO-2018-12Application of Article 2012 of the Civil Code of the Philippines on the Designation of Beneficiary/ies of a Life Insurance Policy17 May 2018
LO-2018-13Determining the Qualification of a Foreign National with Pending Application for a Refugee Status to Undertake the Insurance Agent’s Examination23 July 2018
LO-2018-14Use of the AXA Trademark by Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation25 July 2018
LO-2018-15Request for Certification and/or Clarification with regard to Foreign Equity Ownership of Domestic Non-Life Insurance Company03 September 2018
LO-2018-16Request for Clarification on Outsourcing Arrangement Between; (1) Insurance Company of North America (a Chubb Company) (“Chubb Philippines”); and (2) its affiliate PEZA-registered entity, Chubb Business Services15 October 2018
LO-2018-17Outsourcing of Third Party/Payment Gateway Provider for Premium Collection on behalf of a Brokering Company19 November 2018